A Teen Birthday in Iso

Yesterday was my son’s 13th birthday. It made me really sad to know he couldn’t see friends or family. It’s hard enough trying to figure out what a teen may want to do to celebrate let alone figuring out something to do while stuck in the house!

I thought I would share a few things we did to make the day special.

We started the day with presents and a special breakfast. Bacon rolls and cupcakes, every teenage boys dream ha.

Mr 13 has been building his own computer….very clever as I have no idea what a motherboard does let alone where the cables go. He spent the morning putting new lights and a fan on his computer system.

Lunchtime came around and I set up a teen platter complete with Mr 13’s favourite….donuts! We ‘smashed’ the platter as my 6 year old would say and had a relaxed couple of hours.

In the afternoon I had set up a zoom call with all our family in VIC, NSW and NZ. We all sang happy birthday and Mr 13 blew out his candles. He is not fond ofvideo chats but I think he was secretly chuffed everyone had made the effort to come on and wish him Happy Birthday.

For dinner we had nacho’s Mr 13’s favourite sitting on the couch while watching a movie. I had set a grazing buffet and a bit of a photo booth for us to enjoy while watching the movie.  Buffet’s are my son’s favourite thing wether it be for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks…he loves the choice.

Ok this was a highlight, we stuck glow sticks on the girls and got them to dance around in the dark. It was hilarious check it out Glow Sticks (sorry about all the laughing)

I asked Mr 13 if he had a good day and he said ‘really good’ thats a win in my book. It was a really fun day had by all, nothing too over the top but by incorporating Mr 13’s favourite things the day felt special.