We are very lucky to have Lynn part of the All in All team. Lynn has over 15 years experience in the childcare industry and is our Geelong Franchise Partner. Lynn wrote this beautiful piece on why she thinks its important to create memories and not things.
‘Collect moments not things’ this is one of those quotes that when I read it, my heart swelled a little. It’s a thought provoking one which I found myself pondering on. I loved it, I wanted to live it and it made me wonder; is this how we as a family are living? It’s up to us to implement this for our children right? To be honest for us it’s a work in progress, everyday life always seems to get in the way and sometimes grabbing at material things just seems far easier than stopping for a second to plan an experience!
I could have thought and over analysed our situation for ages but I took a step back and decided to focus on the reflective part of how I felt when I read this quote and pick out my favourite pieces of this puzzle. Trust me my head can get pretty puzzled when I’m in the reflection zone.
My brother and wife are so thoughtful when it comes to gifts, each year they gift the family with an experience. They made the decision to do this rather than buy material things and truly what an amazing gift it has been. It usually is in the form of a camping trip, they book the venue and we all turn up, all 17 of us and that’s just the immediate family. All the moments are captured in the form of photographs and it brings so much joy as we reminisce on moments spent together, enjoying the simplest things like roasting marshmallows, star gazing, catching a wave, discovering creatures in the rock pools and listening to our favourite tunes. Priceless!
Of all the gifts the children receive this is honestly the one that is stamped in their memory bank and the most favourite of all. They often don’t remember the materials things they receive, they just become another thing.
Memories, I’m a sucker for them! It’s the greatest gift, I can remember moments and events so clearly throughout my life, the good, the bad and the ugly. Material things not so much, it’s like my brain just lets them filter into a place that I don’t often spend time revisiting.
Collect moments not things! Trust me, you won’t regret it, it’s so good for the soul, such a gift creating special moments that will last a lifetime.
By Lynn McTavish
All in All Parties & Events – Geelong