We have been away for exactly 2 weeks today. We have seen Paris, caught up with friends, skied Val Thorens for a week and are now in the French Riviera. We have caught planes, buses and trains and the kids are holding up well.

The first week was hard. Weirdly we didn’t suffer from jet lag but we were all not used to sharing a small space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are staying in 3 star accommodation mostly to make our budget last and wifi isn’t common so the kids only have each other and us as entertainment. The kids bickered, and miss 8 could win an award for whining BUT we have come out of the other side.

The kids have to be home schooled while we are gone as they are missing the whole of term 2.  Their new school has given us maths for the kids to work on and they have to read and keep a journal for English.  Somedays its a struggle to get the kids to write but mostly they are happy to write about their day.  The photo below shows Chris homeschooling the kids while ‘glamping’ in Abagne.

We are all getting used to our relaxed lifestyle, we don’t have to rush anywhere or be anywhere, we literally have 2 months to do as we please. Card games, lazy lunches and late dinners have become the norm with fresh baguette and pain au chocolate for breakfasts and crepes for afternoon tea. My daily thought so far has been ‘I really should start going for a run in the mornings’ but that is yet to happen. We have adapted to the French lifestyle nicely.

I am sitting here watching Chris and the kids playing table football while I research on how to get a ferry from Marseille to Greece tomorrow, last minute planning seems to what we do best on this holiday.

For anyone planning to visit the French Riviera I would highly recommend Aix du Provence, Cassis and Six-Four-Les-Plages which is a cute little seaside town about an hour from Marseille which has the best food and bric a brac markets I have seen. We managed to pick up a 1950’s chandelier yesterday, which will sit nicely in our library of our new house.

 Beautiful Cassis                                                                                                                         French Restaurant in Six-Four Les Plages