Kids get so many gifts. There are birthdays, Christmas, teeth falling out, gift for doing the toilet, gifts from grandparents just because…..the list never ends and our houses are getting filled with toys! Lets talk birthday parties. You invite the whole class, that is 30 gifts – eek where are you going to put it all.

There is a new trend coming through the party scene, a Fiver Party. Instead of asking for gifts you ask that each guest pop $5 in a card instead. This then allows the birthday child to buy one thing they really want.

I actually kind of like that idea. I have 3 kids, 5, 8 and 12. As you can imagine we have SO many toys, so much stuff! By the time number 3 came along she didn’t need anything as number one and two already had it BUT she still got gifts as you cant just not give a gift right!? So now my house is bursting at the seams.

I am thinking of doing a fiver party for my daughter who will be 9 in December but to make sure it is personalised I will take a photo of her with her special gift she purchased and send it as the thank you note that way everyone can see what their money bought.

I have heard mixed reviews on a fiver party. Some people say that it looses the magic of the invitee choosing that special present for their friend and others love it.

What do you think?