Moving day has arrived and things aren’t going as plain sailing as I would have liked. Poppy (miss 8) has been in hospital for 3 days with asthma. Our moving truck is coming at noon and there are still boxes to be packed. Chris stayed overnight with Poppy last night to allow me to pack and my bestie Rachael came over to help chuck the last minute things in a box…..what would we do without good friends!

Chris came home from the hospital and had decided to take the day off work to help me – yippee!!!! Well that celebration was short lived, I asked him to carry a box out to the skip to be thrown away and oops I had a bit of glass in there and he sliced his finger. He turned to me and said I think I might have to go to the doctor. Lucky for him I had to go and see Poppy anyway so a quick trip to A&E on the way to the children’s ward wasn’t such a big deal. Most of my morning was spend going between A&E and the Children’s Ward. I had a call from the moving truck, they were delayed until 4pm, thank god.

Poppy was discharged around 1.30pm and Chris had finished up at the hospital, 3 stitches and a bandage later we were finally heading home.

The moving truck was delayed again and finally arrived at 8pm. The truck couldn’t fit down our lane would you believe which meant everything had to be walked to the top….this just added to my fantastic day! 2am arrived and the movers finished up. I was like a walking zombie by the end of it and if I never move again I will be happy!