Its August in Sydney and the weather is starting to get warm. The kids are loving school, we live in one of the best suburbs in Sydney and our best friends live around the corner.  We looked to have the perfect life, so why did we not feel content.

The reality is Sydney is expensive.  To have our lifestyle we needed money and for the sums of money we needed my husband Chris had to work a corporate job with long hours. Chris has always had a love hate relationship with his job.  One day he came home really depressed, he hated his job and just wanted to spend more time with the kids.  Imagine being tied to a job with no choice but to stay just to keep your family life as is, I couldn’t think of anything worse. As soon as Chris was miserable and unhappy something drastic had to be done.   The decision we made was to move states, yep totally and completely uproot our perfect little comfortable life and move to Geelong!

We gave notice at the kids schools and started telling people, eek its now real, we are really leaving!

We have family in Geelong so the kids were so excited. Moving to Geelong meant a lower key lifestyle for us, we would have family support and expenses wouldn’t be as high. It took us a little while to get our heads around leaving Sydney and friends but soon came to realise our friends will always be our friends no matter where we lived.

Would you ever consider a life changing move?