This place was stunning and definitely one of the highlights of our trip so far. As the name suggests it’s a little town by the sea and is on the boot of Italy on the Puglia Coast. The whole town was situated on a huge rock and with its cobbled footpaths and white buildings we felt like we were in the Mediterranean.We stayed in a fabulous apartment right in the middle of the town which had a kitchen and a washing machine (I was a bit too excited about the washing machine as I hadn’t done washing for 2weeks) and we managed to extend our stay for only 50euros a night which is so cheap considering the location and facilities.

There is a piazza in the town which is known as ‘Cat Square’. There were around 30 cats that just hung around there which the kids loved to go visit and feed. We bought some cat food for the locals to continue to feed them when we were gone. The locals did a great job of looking after all the strays and while we were there one of the cats had kittens much to my kids delight.

We tried the most yummiest pocket things for lunch which were local to the area and of course drank the most yummiest wines from the region.

Daily thought is still to go for a run. After all the pizza and pasta I have eaten I really should do more than just think about it!

Next stop, Sicily…