What a crazy, unique, awesome and chaotic place to visit! For those of you that haven’t been to Rome, you have to go at least once as it’s such a gorgeous and unique place to visit. Everywhere you look there are people and something amazing to look at.

Chris and I have been to Rome many times before, it was our go to weekend get away when we lived in London many moons ago. We were so excited to take the kids to see the city, somewhere we love.

I honestly can’t remember Rome being so busy. It was crazy busy not just busy. We went to see the Trevali Fountain and I feel like the rest of Europe was there with us (photo to the right). We walked to the coliseum but couldn’t face going in as again it was hectic! We decided that going inside the main tourist attractions wasn’t going to be pleasant so instead we decided to do some unique things. We booked ourselves onto a Pizza and Pasta making course, it was so much fun and something I would definitely recommend doing while in Italy.

If you have older kids I recommend the Gladiator museum in Pizza Novona, my 12 year old son loved it!

Miss 5 was the main attraction whenever we went to a restaurant. My other 2 kids called her the chosen child. Asher with her blonde hair and blue eyes was patted, squeezed and picked up everywhere we went. She would get free ice cream, the best seats in the house and double the hot chocolates we requested…everyone loved her.

Top tips for Rome:

  • If you are planning on visiting Rome I would do some research and have a bit of a plan of where you want to visit
  • If you are planning to visit a major tourist attractions I would suggest getting there early or after 4pm so the crowds aren’t so intense.
  • Take walking shoes, the best way to see Rome is to walk around
  • Stay somewhere central so you can make the most of your days
  • A hot chocolate costs 4euro where as an espresso costs around 1.50euro, you may want to limit the kids ordering these if you are on a budget as it mounts up
  • Carry some cash as you will see some amazing sidewalk artists on your travels and will no doubt want to pick up a piece as a souvenir
  • There are a lot of armed guards and police around so we felt safe at all times. The only slightly dodgy area was around the Termini where there seemed to be a lot of people begging for money.