Slumber parties are so popular and time and time again we are asked what activities and game ideas do we have to pass the time at a slumber party.

Below we list our favourite activities that have been tried and tested at our own kids sleepovers and were a massive hit.

Pizza Making

Why buy in dinner when you can have the kids make it!  You don’t have to make the dough from scratch, I have a cheat method….use pita bread as the base.  It is super yummy, crunchy and takes minutes to cook.  Set up the kids with some baking paper (ask each person to write their name on it so you know who’s is who) and a base.  Down the middle of the table have tomato paste, grated cheese and then whatever toppings you like e.g. ham, cheese, pepperoni, chicken, BBQ sauce, pineapple and let the kids go nuts creating their own pizza.

Cupcake Decorating

Who doesn’t love a freshly decorated cupcake.  Set up is similar to the pizza making, have everything down the middle of the table.  I would have 4 cupcakes for the kids to decorate so the activity lasts a little while and either choose some designs you want them to try and have them printed ready to copy or let the kids imaginations run wild.  Don’t forget to supply cupcake boxes and guests can take their creations home with them.  Pack queen have a huge range of boxes at reasonable prices

Pamper Stations

This is always a highlight.  Guests can make their own face masks, have their nail painted and a foot soak.  Super easy to do all it takes is an adult to help.  If the kids are older you can pair them off and they can pamper each other.

DIY Pillowcase

Sharpies and a plain pillowcase is all thats need for this.  A DIY pillowcase is a great keepsake and kids love it

DIY Flip Flops

Plain thongs, ribbons, jewels and a little imagination is all thats needed and what a fab party favour these make.

All good sleepovers end with a movie and popcorn.  Kids love having a sleepover and are thrilled to be invited.  Sometimes less is more so make sure you leave enough time for the kids to chill out and enjoy each others company.

Happy planning!