I am not sure why but I expected white sands, tropical weather and beaches in Sicily, this was not the case at all. Sicily is such a pretty place full of mountains, gorgeous blue waters and a beautiful coastline.

The beaches are pebbled and have very little to no sand, which now makes total sense knowing there is an active volcano nearby. The kids have been enjoying Granite for breakfast which is flavoured ice topped with a marshmallow type cream and brioche which is apparently all the Sicilians have.  We have eaten so much pizza! A huge margarita pizza will cost 4 euro (approx $6) so for 10 euro ($15) you can feed a family of 5 for lunch, its so cheap!  Everything is closed from 12.30 until around 4.30pm so we spent the afternoons lazing on the beach.  Restaurants don’t open until 7.30pm so we have become accustomed to having a 4pm drink and snacks at one of the many bars around.

The campsite and little town, St Giorgio we are staying in is fabulous. The owner of the campsite has befriended us. He took us to lunch at a friends winery, changed our accommodation from a mobile home to a house and has treated us as friends during our week here. We have met a number of locals who like to stop for a chat and our Italian vocabulary has extended by a few words. Not amazing but we can now say more than just Gracie. There aren’t many English speaking people around and they have never had Australians stay so we are a bit of a novelty.

If you find yourself in Sicily I recommend you pop in to Vila Rica in Patti for a drink as the view is just stunning and if you want some amazing hospitality Il Cicero is where we stayed.

A highlight would have to be the scuba diving. Chris and the kids ventured into the sea and saw some amazing fish and craters. It would have to be at least 40 degrees for me to go into the sea so instead I took pics and collected stones. I know stones, it sounds boring but seriously the stones here are a gorgeous pink colour and really sparkly. I would love to bring some back to sit in my new bathroom.

We are getting ready to leave Sicily and venture back to Rome over the next 2 days. Our time in Italy has almost come to an end as we head to Scotland next week to visit family.