As most of you know I have 3 kids. My youngest Asher is 5 and just started prep and my oldest Brandon is 12 and just started year 7. We also have Poppy who is in year 4. As like most of you with kids we have the whirlwind that is school lunches, school drop offs after school activities and then there is the household stuff…groceries, washing, cleaning…it seems the list is endless with things that have to be done and then somewhere in between I work.

I often get asked how do you do it all? Well let me tell you, I don’t….I have a lot of support and the juggle is real. Below are some tips on some things I do to make my life a little easier.

  • Have a scheduling app that is shared with the family. I use the online app Cozi, it is great and free! Each of the family has a different coloured dot and the calendar is shared between hubby and I which means we can never double book ourselves.
  • Order online. I order online whenever I can. Groceries, ballet outfits, gymnastics leotard…the list goes on.
  • Prep lunches and dinners. Ok this is something I don’t do but feel like it would be so handy if I did. Setting aside a couple of hours on a Sunday to do a menu and shop online would be so handy as it means you are set for the week ahead and saves unnecessary trips to the supermarket.  Note to self…start doing this ASAP!
  • Draw the line at 2 activities per kid. This is something we used to do to save us running here there and everywhere. We decided to let the kids do whatever activities they want this term and believe me it is a nightmare! We can have up to 4 activities on in a day and one car which is just madness.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. This is a big one. We want to be able to do it all but in the process we run ourselves ragged. Friends really don’t mind helping out especially if their children are at the same school and activities. Take people up on their offer to help, there will be a time you can return the favour.

It’s hard juggling a business/full time work and kids, there has to be some level of organisation so I hope my tips help you get organised to make your life somewhat easier.

If you have a system in place at your house that is a life changer pop a note in the comments, as I would love to hear what it is….I need all the help I can get.