My Top 10 Party Hints and Tips..

Planning a party is stressful and takes up a lot of time!  I have jotted down my top 10 tips to a successful party to hopefully help you reduce the stress and have a fun filled fab party your child and friends will love.

Party Tip 1
When you set a budget and theme it will make it easier to set a location.
Party Tip 2
If you are planning on holding your party in a park make sure you contact the local council for approval.A permit is normally required if you would like a jumping castle
Party Tip 3
Make sure you put a RSVP by date on your invite, this will make it easier for you to cater the party
Party Tip 4
Keep party favours small and simple. How about a bubble wand as a non -lolly option
Party Tip 5
Kids don’t actually eat that much at parties so don’t go overboard on the food. For something different serve in a lunch box. By serving in lunch boxes you will find most kids will eat everything in it
Party Tip 6

Make sure you have people to help run games, serve the food, hand out party favours and keep an eye on the kids, it is almost impossible to host a party and run one at the same time.

Party Tip 7
A proposed agenda for a 2 hour party:
10.00am – Guests Arrive 10.30am – Game
10.45am – Game/Craft 11.00am – Sit for Snack/Lunch
11.30am – Game
11.45am – Cake
12.00pm – Guests Depart

Party Tip 8

Keep the games simple. Kids love craft so why not have a craft table or colouring in table set up for guests to do on arrival

Party Tip 9
On the guest list leave room for parents name and number. Parties for kids aged 5 and above are normally drop off parties and you may need to get in touch with parents during the party.

Party Tip 10
Game Suggestions
– Pass the Parcel
– Pin Games (can be changed to suit theme e.g. pin the treasure on the map, pin the bug on the flower.)
– Musical Statues/Bumps
– Dancing Competition
– Hot Potato (can be changed to suit theme e.g. hot kryptonite)
– Treasure Hunt