We have made so many big decisions over the last few months, what’s one more.   We have often talked about travelling with the kids and now seems like the perfect time. The kids are starting a new school anyway so why not keep them out of school for a term and travel the world together.

Are we crazy, are we having a mid life crisis? Maybe but what an experience!

How long should we travel for, where should we travel to, these are topics of conversation for weeks. We finally decide to travel for 3 months and we would base ourselves in Europe mostly and swing by the USA to see some of our dear friends on the way home with the final stop being LA to hopefully head to Disneyland should our budget extend that far (I am doubtful).

Our kids 5, 8 and 11 can not wait for the adventure. I am slightly apprehensive, the older I get the more in control I like to be of situations but as the saying goes ‘you only live once, enjoy it’.

We take off in April with the first stop being Paris. Let the fun begin!

Would you take your kids on a worldwide adventure? Where would you visit first?