Introducing our new virtual parties run in the comfort of your own home and to make it even more special you can invite your friends from all over Australia to join in the fun!

How they work:

  1. You choose a theme from our party packs
  2. You choose a date and time you would like to run the party and let your friends know
  3. You tell us the names and addresses of those attending so we can send out their craft packs before the party
  4. We set up a chat using Zoom.  This is a closed room just for your guests, each guest will receive a link to log into so we will require email addresses for this
  5. On the party day we all log into Zoom for an hour of fun!  The kids can all see each other so makes it really interactive, they can chat, laugh and share stories.  I will run the kids through their craft and we will all sing happy birthday before signing off.

Our virtual parties are $30 per child which includes their craft packs delivered to their door as well as a live host and how to instructions.

Virtual Slime Making

Recommended Age: 6+

Slime Making is always popular!

We send out a specially designed kit to you and your guests with everything you need to create 2 different slimes.  We talk the kids through our 2 popular slime recipes and we make them together.

Included: PVA Glue, Clear Glue, Bi Carb Soda, Plastic Tubs, Spoons, Glitter, Activator

What you: Laptop/Phone/Tablet to be able to log into the zoom chat.  Food colouring is not needed but an optional extra for our 3 ingredient slime.

Virtual Scrunchie Making

Recommended Age: 8+

An interactive party where we make 2 scrunchies and the kids are left with one other they can make in their own time.  We supply everything needed to make awesome no sew scunchies.  As this is live the kids can ask any questions and chat during the party as they can all see and hear each other which makes it really fun and interactive.

Included: Material for 3 scrunchies, hair ties, glue, brush

What you need: Cup or glass, laptop/phone/tablet to log into our Zoom chat

Virtual Craft Party

Recommended Age: 4+

Little guests will be sent a craft pack full of goodies to create lots of special bits and pieces.  During our one hour party we will all dig through our craft packs and make a spoon puppet together.  The party is lots of fun as the kids love seeing each other and chatting.  Before signing off at the end we will all sing happy birthday to the birthday child to complete their extra special party.

Included: Lots of bits and bobs for imaginative play.  In the pack there will be enough goodies to create a spoon puppet which we will all make together.

What you need: Laptop/phone/tablet to allow you to log into the zoom chat

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